After my preceding post where I was presenting and old-school web file uploader I was asked to make the web even easier by allowing drag-and drop dossier uploads. Here you have the two I chose as the simplest and easiest solutions to implement and customise.

Tiny_DnD (from Tiny_Drag_and_Drop). Just clone the repo, modify the $upload_folder on your index.php and you are ready to go. If you have the right permissions, of course.

PhP dossier uploader (php-file-uploader). Very passable, if only too restrictive on file types. Very talkative, also, but not so attractive visually. But it’s better safe than sound, correct? 😁😁.

I have some kind of deja vu, I feel like I’m repeating myself, even here. I should study more and write less. O vice versa. Or write more and sleep less. Whatever 😁.

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