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Here’s Day 21: Lessons learned in WIP

This can be answered in two ways regarding Enduring The Flames.

First is a class from a writer’s perspective. In this book, since the infamous Dracula was such an important role, I did my best to weave real historical events into the story, only adding my own bits here and there — particularly when it came to the relative unknowns in the man’s life. I found it so enjoyable that I began toying with the idea of doing more with a trilogy anthology to cover some of the series’s big events and how they work in tandem with the truth.

The second is that Zoe’s story is relatable to many. The selfless sacrifices she was forced to make in an effort to protect the people she cared approximately was used against her time and time again. It broke her. Leaving her with nothing but doubts and hesitations. Through careful guidance, she struggles to come to terms with her life and stop letting her past affect her present and future. Perseverance and hope are powerful tools.

On Twitter, I’m taking part in another month of fiction prompts. I’m sharing them here as well.

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