Share a part of the book highlights here– letting go written by Dr. David Hawkins. 

The hallmark of courage is the knowledge and feeling, “I can.” It is a positive state in which we feel assured, skillful, adequate, capable, alive, loving and giving, with an overall zest for life.

The Courage to Let Go

The level of courage is very helpful in the mechanism of surrender. In courage, we know: “I can look at my feelings”; “I don’t have to be afraid of my feelings anymore”; “I can handle them”; “I can take responsibility for them”; “I can learn how to accept them and be free from them”; “I am willing to take risks, to let go of old points of view and to explore new ones”; “I am willing to be joyous and share my experience with others”; “I experience myself as willing and able.” It is often easy to jump from any of the lower feelings up to courage merely by affirming our courage to look at and handle our feelings. 

We all know that it takes courage to face fear. We champion the people who face their fear and attempt to do something approximately it. Such courage is one of the characteristics of nobility and makes a person truly fantastic. Despite all of their negative programming and despite all of their fear, brave people go forward in life, with no warranty and not even the knowledge that matters are going to get better. 

On the level of courage, the emphasis is on doing. The levels of consciousness up to this point are concerned primarily with gain. Now, on the level of courage, there is greater power and energy. We know that we have the capacity to make a difference in the world, not just gain something from it for ourselves. Because of the inner self-confidence, we are much less concerned with security. The emphasis is no longer on what people have, but upon what they do, and have become.

With courage, there is the willingness to take chances and to let go of former securities. There is the willingness to grow and benefit from new experiences.

When we are comfortable, there is a temptation to stop using the technique and only resume it in emergency situations, or when negative feelings again become painful and necessitate our attention. Notwithstanding, there is more yet to be had. Because there is always a feeling going on which can be surrendered, the continuation of the process will lead to greater and greater benefits. Continuous surrender will bring about constant, subtle changes, especially on the levels of subtle awareness in our capacity for love.

Don’t look for answers; instead, let go of the feelings bottom the question. When we are surrendered on the feeling behind the question, we can let go of any other feelings that we might also have approximately what seems to be the problem.

The goal of letting go is the elimination of the very source of all suffering and pain. This sounds radical and startling and, in fact, it is! Ultimately, all negative feelings stem from the same source. When enough negative feelings have been relinquished, that source reveals itself. When that source itself is let go of and dis-identified with, the ego dissolves. The source of suffering, therefore, loses the very basis of its power.

When we surrender the pressure of wantingness, we are lucid to make wiser choices and decisions.

We think that our happiness depends on controlling events, and that facts are what upset us. Actually, it is our feelings and thoughts approximately these facts that are the real cause of our upset. Facts in and of themselves are impartial things. The power we give them is due to our attitude of acceptance or non-acceptance and our overall feeling state. If we get stuck in a feeling, it is because we still secretly believe that it will accomplish something for us.

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