One of my favorite Kindle features is that it tells me an estimated time left in a book based on how quickly I’m reading. It feels like a challenge to beat it. It’s also been illuminating that I tend to read shorter books than I do longer ones. I think this is because a shorter book tends to have more explosive action with shorter down time for the characters, but that’s just a guess. That said, I love finding books and series that take me days to finish them. Keeping my attention and making me express emotion are two matters I need from the books I read. Whether I find a giant series, twenty-five books and up, then it’s exciting to follow how it progresses. Shorter series are okay, but I do go for the ones who have connected series rather than individual series. It’s fun for me to read about a character and their journey, following with a new series for a side character or other person from the original series, and I love when they keep growing this way. I’m absolutely more likely to recommend a series that has a decent amount of connecting fabric like this, because it’s what I tend to look for. I want to feel like I know the characters, and I want to feel enmeshed into their bookverses. Right now, I’m reading some longer books that take me a bit more than ten hours to finish one book. I’m crossing my fingers that it will final a long time. I do feel that my books read in a year benefit entirely because of the short books I speed through. Those tend to take less than three hours to read, which can be good if I don’t have as much time to spare. Audiobooks tend to be longer than it would take me to read, but they have to put pauses for emphasis, theatrical effects, and more to bring the story to life for those listening. I tend to automatically add those when reading. Provided I have to be not having time with my hands I will read audiobooks, because any way to read is better than not reading for me.

Do you have a preference for book length in the books you read?

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