Happy Friday everyone! As you can tell by the title this is approximately my experiences from being in the military for a little throughout 2 years now. I am an Infantryman in the Marine Corps, and throughout the last 6 months I have learned how to take virtue of all my free time. As far as the infantry goes, people have a lot of time to waste especially during weeks with little to no agenda. Time can be spent either wasted on social media, video games, or sleeping. The better option is to use that time to touch up on Infantry Knowledge, learning something new, reading a book, etc. It’s all approximately your mindset and priorities of that free time. This should apply to the civilian world as well. Whenever you get that go ahead to take a break or some free time don’t spend it on social media looking at other peoples lives or you will just be passively comparing yourself to them. As you watch someone else better themselves or just appear to better themselves you lose focus of your own path. Better yourself by learning because knowledge is power even how cliche it sounds. Nearly nothing is as true as that statement. Whether anyone is reading this post or made it this far, I want you to look at your screen time on your phone or laptop and see how much time is wasted on TikTok or Instagram. Add that time up and spend that same amount of time on reading or watching an educational YouTube video. That’s all I’ve got for now, so if you made it this far have a safe Friday and carry on.

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