Meant to Be Mine by Hannah Orenstein 4/5 ⭐️

Thanks to Atria for the free book.
This was a fun one. I really enjoyed the magical/fate element going on here. It made the story interesting – I was kept wanting more the entire time because I had to know how Edie’s story was going to play out. The relationship between her, Rae, and Gloria was also so special, and I felt the author’s dedication for her grandparents come through in the pages. I feel like the ending of this one is a make it or break it, but with the way the build up was slowly done over the book, I was satisfied with it. It did’t feel too fast, but I can see how some readers might think that. I recommend going into this one with an open mind to a main character transformation throughout depending on the story for a strict rom-com.
TW: There is a side plot with a character that has experienced a school shooting

This is out Tuesday, and whether you like a fun, engrossing read, I recommend this one.

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