First Dig Two Graves, the moment Zoe thriller.

Today we are in Bratislava in Slovakia.

John has found Zoe after playing a little cat and mouse in the streets near the hotel. Back at the hotel, they just get back to the room when a member of Worthington’s hit team arrives and comes off moment best.

Of course, the rest are stationed at the obvious exits, and it takes some effort to getaway.

Even that escape is fraught with danger, but with all the cunning she can muster, Zoe makes certain they get back to Vienna.

With Worthington’s hit team hot on their train, a diversion in the leading railway station helps aid their departure.

By now, two things are certain:

Worthington is behind the latest attempted hit, and they are both in the firing line, and

John had to decide whether or not he wants a life always looking throughout his shoulder.

No prizes for guessing his choice!

Today’s writing, with John throwing his lot in with Zoe, 2,905 words, for a total of 39,717.

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