I just wanted to share my latest book (along with co-author Lauren Giombetti), this one for teachers in Massachusetts Public Schools who are members of MTRS, focusing on financial literacy and making the most of their MTRS pension benefits.

Please consider sharing with any educators you know in Massachusetts.

This is the latest in the TL;DR Financial Literacy series. Whether you know educators in the following states/pension plans, or a young adult for the standalone young adult book, please consider sharing the appropriate book with them as well. And, whether you happen to know a superintendent, school board member, principal, or union leader, you might propose that this would make a fantastic, inexpensive, possibly life-changing gift for new teachers.

Young Adults

Arizona (ASRS, throughout 625,000 members)

Colorado (PERA, throughout 600,000 members)

Illinois (TRS, throughout 430,000 members)

Iowa (IPERS, throughout 325,000 members)

Maine (MainePERS, over 120,000 members)

Massachusetts (MTRS, over 195,000 members)

Nebraska (NPERS, throughout 140,000 members)

Ohio (STRS, throughout 500,000 members)

New York City (TRSNYC, throughout 217,000 members)

Pennsylvania (PSERS, over 500,000 members)

Virginia (VRS, throughout 740,000 members)

Wyoming (WRS, over 80,000 members)

Washington (TRS, throughout 590,000 members)

I’m also currently working on the following:

  • Missouri (PSRS/PEERS, over 289,000 members, hopefully in the next week or so)
  • New York State (NYSTRS, over 435,000 members, hopefully in the next week or so)
  • Oregon (PERS, throughout 378,000 members, hopefully in June)
  • New Jersey (TPAF/PERS, throughout 590,000 members, hopefully in July)

After that, Minnesota (TRA), Indiana (INPRS) and Alaska (TRS). If you know of any educators in a state not listed who might be interested in being a co-author for their state’s book, please have them complete this google form (or contact me directly).

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