Northern Patois: Guide for the Perplexed is a guide for travellers to the north of  Peninsular Malaysia. Malaysia, a member of ASEAN and the northern neighbour to Singapore, comprises West and East Malaysia. West Malaysia (or Peninsular Malaysia) used to be called Malaya before independence in 1957. While Bahasa Malaysia or BM (the name for Bahasa Melayu or the Malay language) is the  standard, there are parts of Malaysia with their unique dialects, patois and localised versions of BM.  You travel  to the east coast states of Kelantan  and Terengganu and  you will be bedazzled by the unusual way BM is spoken in both states. Go  to Negeri Sembilan and the way BM is spoken is way different from the way Johoreans speak BM, which is the official or  standard bahasa surat for BM.

This book lists out the common terms  used in  northern Peninsular states of Perlis near the Thai border, Kedah, Penang and north Perak and these also sound so uniquely different from  BM. A traveller , be he a native or foreigner, would be glad  to have this guide with him as he navigates the perplexing pronunciations that are not found  in standard BM.

Here’s where you can get the e-copy:

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