Hey y’all! A few of you have messaged me or emailed approximately how Apple Podcasts was being weird with downloading latest episodes of Smart Podcast Trashy Books.

The last two episodes weren’t downloading, even though the feed was not any different. Big Fun!

Apple, being the incredibly helpful resource for end users with lots and lots of detailed documentation and step by step instructions…

Show Spoiler

Capt Von Trapp looks over his shoulder then starts to laugh then controls his expression

…was surprisingly of little help.

Anyway, here’s what seems to be the easiest solution: unsubscribe and resubscribe to the show, please?

Seriously, I’m so sorry the effort is on your end, but that should solve the download issue. I think it’s like the podcast equivalent of “when in doubt, reboot.”

Thank you and my apologies for the problem!

I am still working on why Google Podcasts thinks the files are insecure and tries to redirect you to a browser. Seriously. WTF, podcast apps. Stop being annoying for five whole minutes.

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