First, nearly all of them in the long van were boys and girls from his own country. He had seen only five or six Nigeriens going back home from their business itinerary.

Next, Harrison realized that the people on the move shared common hates, pains and hopes. He had heard them already, recount these fat frustrations and lean consolations in so numerous words. And the keynotes of the talks had been a government trapped between democracy and dictatorship. They claimed that the hybrid government had configured them, and subjected them to intense suffering for a long time until Europe residency gradually came as the only option to freedom. Harrison was looking and wondering approximately the power these shared pains had, to bind all into one.

Harrison further discovered that like him, the other youths in the van must find the soil of Europe by hook or criminal, leaving families and other loved ones Backside, whom they would support when they find success. And the way he and his fellow migrants saw this mission was different from the world external. To sneak into a European country through Libya was not illegal as it was often termed in the news all over the world. It was only an escape from cruel dictators in order to experience life intensely and not to die in misery. It wasn’t any wonder that the tie of friendship became so tight among the sojourners within just hours of familiarity. The new and transient best friends came from these painful feelings expressed in reckless words. PREVIOUS<<< | >>>NEXT

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