When you dream of doing something, particularly for a long time you form goals. Your own personal milestones so when reached you know you have made it. When I began writing full time, I had five in intellect where I would reach my own definition of success. To me, writing was never driven by money or fame, my five goals were as follows:

  • To have someone, not friends or family read my work and enjoy it.
  • To change the way someone thinks or views the world
  • To be on the shelves at libraries
  • To walk into a bookshop and see my books on the shelves
  • To make a living from writing, not masses but enough to get by.

I have been lucky to have a few pinch-me moments so early on in my career. And this week a new milestone was reached.

I am a big believer in libraries. When I was a kid, my mum was in and out of the hospital a lot and my father worked long hours. So after school, my brothers and I walked to the library and hung out there until we were collected. The library became a safe haven, I never got bored. I had a world of knowledge at my fingertips, fantasy worlds, main figures to learn about, and I could learn a new language. In fact, my interest in journalism stemed from scrolling through endless rolls of microfilm of old newspapers, turning the dial. When my children were born, the first thing I did was enrol them in the library. We visit often, even though we have bookcases of books stacked all throughout our house.

Yesterday I visited the library I spent so numerous hours of my childhood in. The familiar surroundings and comforting smells greeted me. It was a special visit as after weeks of organising and yet almost a lifetime of dreaming, my work was on their shelves.

I found my creations, in the heartwarming plastic coated sleeves and white hidden inserts. A lump came to my throat as I held them. Turning them throughout, breathing deep, my daughter rubbed my arm gently as I did. Definitely a pinch-me moment.

We took photos of our visit, myself standing proudly. I do not need photos to remember it but it’s nice to have them.

The library had a further surprise in store for me. Cornwall Library obtained a copy of Isolation Tales for Kresen Kernow, domestic to the World’s largest collection of documents, books, maps and photographs related from Cornwall’s history. To enter that archive is a vast honour, and I was so humbled when I found out what they had done. I am fiercely proud of being Cornish, and I love Cornwall, so becoming part of its history is an incredible feeling and one I did not envisage at all.

All over Cornwall, locals can reserve and borrow my books, opening up a whole new scope of potential readers to discover my writing. And who knows, maybe somewhere amongst them is a girl or boy who virtually lives at their local library after school. They might begin their journey, establish goals and milestones just like I did.

Libraries are miraculous places, they help you discover what you love, what you want to do with your life and how to do it. They did it with me, they can do the same for you, and best of all, they won’t charge you a penny.

For me, being in the library is one of my proudest achievements. I want to go back in time and tell myself one day you will be here. Your name will be next to the spines of authors you have admired and adored your whole life. Your work will be alongside Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Stephen King, Roald Dahl, Judy Blume, all of you under the same roof. Your words will join the flurry of literature already housed in this wondrous place. And anyone could walk through those doors and discover you. People could read your books and be inspired to write themselves. You have the possibility to do the one object that things more than anything else. Make a diffrence.

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