Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.

This book has been on my shelf for ages. I had read fairly a few poor reviews and wasn’t sure it would be worth it. But in my search for a brilliant villain, I was told this was the series to read – and thank god they told me that!

The book follows Mare, a girl with red blood in her veins – and therefore a naughty girl, living in the village. After a theft goes wrong, she is taken absent to serve the Silver king. The silvers are powerful and contain powers the Reds can only dream of. But Mare finds herself having more in common with them than she thought.

I really enjoyed the book, especially the first part. I was interested from the beginning and knew immediately that I had been lacking out, waiting this long to start the series.
The fantasy world was easily described. It didn’t take long to understand and get a feeling of the universe. Although, I will admit that I am starting to receive tired of the whole ”normal girl finding out she has powers and fitting the ”chosen one”. I feel like all newer fantasies have this plot. Yet I really enjoyed this book.
Around halfway through, I felt like the book slowed down a bit. The storyline was no longer as interesting and thrilling. Luckily that turned around again later in the book. Especially the last few chapters!
Despite not being the most original, I enjoyed the characters and the plot. I found it well written and easy to follow, and it had the perfect length for it not to end on a really dull note.

I think the book may have been very hyped when it first came out, which led to much disappointment. I also realized that most poor reviews were written around that time. I think going into this book with lower expectations, but high hopes is the way to go. I was definitely not disappointed, and I regret not reading it sooner.
I agree that the book has a great villain, even though I didn’t see it until pretty late. I can’t wait to continue and get more of that! I still wish it had been a bit more original, but with more books to go, there is still a chance!

4 out of 5 stars.

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