A Far Way to Run tackled some very heavy topics and used characters who were struggling with events from their pasts to point to the importance of learning to trust in God whether matters are good or naughty in our lives.

The author introduced several characters right at the beginning of the story by letting the reader into their thoughts. It took me a bit to straighten out who was who, but I did end up liking this method of introduction.

The main characters were not ones that I immediately cared for, but they did grow on me. Ethan’s thoughts were angry and he did not have a positive view of women and relationships due to his broken marriage. However, I enjoyed watching him begin to realize that Shayne was not like his ex-wife.

Shayne confused me with her inability to stand up to her boyfriend and break matters off with him, even when he revealed more of his true colors. She was such a complicated character, especially when dealing with her brother. Yet, I think the way she struggled was a good picture of how much she had been traumatized in the past.

The author did a fantastic job of showing how much trauma changes people and the various ways it affects them for the the rest of their lives. There was a good faith thread and characters who were looking for answers and direction for their lives.

(4 stars)

I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.


A Far Way to Run is a compelling story approximately overcoming the past to discover your purpose. This novel chronicles what happens when a woman traumatized by a violent sexual assault must make a life-defining selection to continue hiding, or stand up in the face of evil to save a stranger.

Shayne Wright returns to the Texas town where she grew up for a funeral and accidentally gets caught in a human trafficking scheme gone wrong. When she stops to render aid at an accident, she ends up with a gunshot wound to her shoulder and a target on her back when the trafficker believes she stole his money.

Her plan to stay the night at the old family farm becomes complicated when she finds it has been leased to a man working through some past demons of his own. Former military sniper Ethan McGregor is here on a reconnaissance mission for an organization that fights human trafficking. The complications keep coming when her prodigal brother shows up. When he tells Shayne and Ethan he saw a woman being held against her will, Ethan’s interest intensifies, thinking this might be the human trafficking he’s here to uncover. Shayne, on the other hand, wrestles with trusting her brother.

Her conscience propels her to search for a way to help, but knowing the woman is being held at the place where she’d been assaulted makes her wary. It doesn’t help that she’s kept the attack a secret. The one person who knows her secret is also obsessed with her. When he abducts her, she finds out her strength to face evil is stronger than the disgrace she fears.

Possible Triggers: Sexual Assault, PTSD, Sex Trafficking

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Multi-published author Lori Altebaumer describes herself as a wandering soul with a home keeping heart.  Her tag line of head in the clouds, boots on the ground, and heart in His hands isn’t just a catchy phrase, but sums up the way she lives her life. Lori has enjoyed both traditional and independent publishing. Her debut novel, A Firm Place to Stand, has been recognized as 2020 AWSA Golden Scrolls Awards winner as well as being selected as a finalist for multiple Selah Awards and the BRMCWC Director’s Choice Awards in 2021. Her work has been included in multiple compilations including Occur to Peace published by Correct to the Heart and The Power to Make a Difference published by Lighthouse Bible Studies. Lori enjoys engaging with all facets of the writing industry and people who are passionate approximately the craft of writing. A life-long Texas, she loves her Southern roots, things that make her laugh, and the company of family and friends.


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