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Here’s Day 19: Marriage Rites

This one involves a slight disclosure.

In my series universe, the supernatural creatures are not susceptible to disease, illness, most drugs and their effects, and they aren’t able to reproduce — either by having children, creating new were-animals through a bite, or siring people into vampires — unless they want to.

Due to the general unrest in the overall supernatural world, the mating rites have not been utilized in centuries. And, except for the ones that were alive prior to the collapse of their civilization (mainly undead creatures like vampires and ghouls), those rites have become so rare, not many mortal (or younger undead) supernaturals are unaware of its existence.

Supernatural creatures can not only fall in love, but sometimes find the one person they’re supposed to be with — a true soulmate. When that happens the two mates would feel each other. Like a compass in the midsection, pointing toward the other person, increasing in intensity the closer they are to one another.

When those connections are found, the wedding rites involve a verbal vow and blood exchange. Once it’s total, it’s permanent.

As the series continues, readers see a few couples go through the ritual.

On Twitter, I’m taking part in another month of fiction prompts. I’m sharing them here as well.

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