‘I look up into her face – my beautiful little wife, my queen, the love of my entire existence. ‘

**wipes buckets of tears off our Kindles** Emma Chase! What have you done to us? We’re sitting here in a flood of tears, after being moved from the first to the last page of this beautiful and highly emotional companion novella that EVERY fan of this series MUST READ! It’s an ESSENTIAL read, and it’s one you need to prepare your hearts for as we get a look behind the curtain of every heartbreaking moment that made the Royal Family of Wessco the compassionate, sweet, funny, and warm people we’ve come to know and love throughout the series.

“It’s so hard, Lenora,” I whisper into her neck, my face wet with grief.
“It’s so very hard.”
“I know,”
she says. “But we have each other.”
“We do.”
“And we’ll see it through, “
she swears. “You and I, together. As we always have.”

We love nothing more than to look behind the scenes of our favourite shows/movies, and Royally Remembered was the reading equivalent of that as Emma Chase stripped back some of the precious moments touched on in previous books, showing us how certain events unfolded.

“The only reason I know how to love, the only reason there is joy in my life. The only reason I was able to give love and joy to their lives…is because of you.”

We’ve devoured, fallen in love with, and rejoiced while reading every single book in this wonderful series (Netflix if you’re listening……YOU NEED TO BRING THIS STORY TO LIFE!), but this book was like a missing thread, a piece of the tapestry woven into the Royally Series, and we LOVED IT! The love between Prince Edward and Queen Lenora…. WOW! What strength, devotion, and pure soulmate LOVE!

‘He made me Queen…before they ever put that crown on my head.’

Queen Lenora’s loss and pain broke us. This stoic yet vulnerable and loving woman has truly lived a wonderful life. A life that’s brought her immeasurable love as well as deep soul aching loss. Getting this insight into the woman who was Queen Lenora, showed us what a magnificent woman she was!

‘I should understand these things by now. Life and loss. I have been taught those lessons well. But tragedy always comes as a shock – a devastation that rents the soul.’

We don’t know how to say goodbye to these characters that have taken up such a huge space in our hearts. We will never tire of reading about them and will forever look forward to revisiting them. Now, if Emma Chase ever feels the desire to write the next generation, we’re here for it! The little glimpse of them in the Royally Raised short story whet our appetites for more!

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