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Here’s Day 18: Fight

From Enduring The Flames.

I ducked to avoid the fist hurtling toward me. As it flew a mere inch over my head, I reached up, hooking my hand around the limb doing its best impression of a lethal projectile. My fingers gripped the muscled forearm, just beneath the elbow and twisted to keep it in my

Taking advantage of the opening, my free hand shot out in response. An immediate before
my knuckles could impact my opponent’s side, just beneath the ribs, I relaxed my fist and instead slid my palm across it before spinning absent.

My opponent twisted in the contrary direction as I released my grip, dropping low to
knock my feet out from beneath me with a powerful swing of the leg. I danced over the
onslaught, escaping the blow by millimeters.

As soon as I took flight, I knew I miscalculated my leap.

© Sarah Doughty

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