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Here’s Day 4: Saturday Snippet — Greetings

Featuring Just Breathe

Shaking hands.

“You really don’t know much do you?”

I bristled.

He must’ve noticed my flash of anger because his hands shot out in the universal signal for
surrender. “I meant no offense,” he chuckled. “My name is Connor,” he extended his hand.

Somehow, I felt safe around him. Aside from the sincerity in his features, the color surrounding him was light blue, nothing like the black that undulated around Zoe. “Aisling.” I took his hand.

As soon as our palms made contact, I felt a zing of pure energy, but it wasn’t uncomfortable, as electricity crawled up my arm. His eyes widened for a brief occasion, but he didn’t let go. Shaking my hand, he said, “It’s very nice to meet you, Aisling.”

© Sarah Doughty

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