“…when you break through her defenses, there’s nothing better than her smile or the sound of her quick laughter when a joke lands.”

Sarina Bowen never fails in delivering a wonderfully sexy sports romance, but with Shenanigans, it’s a lot more than that. Charli and Neil’s story had so much heart, not to mention, a gutsy heroine and a sweet down-to-earth billionaire hockey player. We were sold!

‘No matter how badly I’ll regret this later. I’ll never forget the expression he’s wearing right now. Like he can barely stand how lucky he is.’

A boozy night in Vegas sees Charlotte ‘Charli’ Higgins, a hockey player with the Bombshells, all-girl Hockey Franchise, waking up hungover and married to hot, rich Hockey player Cornelius Harmon Drake II, aka Neil, who plays for the Brooklyn Bruisers Hockey team. These two couldn’t be in the same room as each other without verbally sparring, so how did this happen, and what are they to do?

Neil realises this could work to his advantage (business-wise) and asks Charli to fake a marriage so as to gain a voting advantage in his family affairs. Easy right? Well, there is definitely some steamy hot chemistry between these two, even if they are like chalk and cheese. Neil is pretty easy going, takes life as it comes (mind you, it’s pretty easy when you have talent, looks, and money!) whilst Charli is testy and crotchety with Neil (and others) at every opportunity. But Neil loves her tenacity!

“Nothing about you is easy. Not one thing. But I like it that way.”

Whilst he may be rich, he’s not affected by it. He’s a down-to-earth guy who loves his hockey, his mates and has a thing for Charli. Charli begins to see the guy beneath the abs, good looks, and tattoos. What happens when their fake marriage collides with Charli’s past?

“Aren’t you a little curious, though? About how we’d be together?”
“Of course, I am. But it’s the same kind of curiosity I feel about car chases in movies. It’s dangerous, and I don’t need to try it to know it’s a bad idea.”

We loved this book. There was great banter. Sometimes tense, sometimes fun, and sometimes very, very steamy banter! Neil was amazing! What a guy – every girl would love a Neil in their life. This is a story about friendship, knowing your worth, and living without regrets, which reminds us to seize the day and open our hearts. Another fabulous addition to our Sarina Bowen collection!

“When you smile at me, it’s all worth it. Every fucking thing.”

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