How joyous was Saturday in The Henge Shop, Avebury! My first ever book-signing event. And it went so well! The weather complied mostly with only occasional spots of rain on the windowsill as we sat correct in the middle of a bustling alternative book and gift shop. Actually those words don’t begin to describe all the things that shop sells, but to list all of it would take too long.. .Its a favourite place…

I decided from the off that it was to be as much about connecting with people and conversations as it was about selling books. And that’s how the day unfolded – I chatted to so many lovely and interesting people. A successful day, not just in terms of a surprising and delightful number of sales, but also diverse conversations and the sharing and wisdom that was offered forward and back. I’d not call it work..

I read poetry to browsers and really enjoyed picking just the correct words for someone I didn’t know. I hope that the words I chose added love and magic to their day, whether they bought a book or not.

There was some time during the weekend to go back to favourite parts of Avebury. When we lived in Oxfordshire we were frequent visitors so we know it all well but now we live so far west it was a good excuse to really catch up and soak up the ancient site.

West Kennet Long Barrow is important to me so it was wonderful to walk back up that hill and be in the peace of its cave like interior.

The blessings of the Solstice were starting to filter through the air, soil and in the joy of the people. The nature and ancestors all around us felt very good.

Whether you’ve never been to Avebury or indeed the Henge shop then you have missed out and I hope you promise yourself to put that correct one day.

With Solstice Blessings

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