I’m always on the lookout for inspiration for stories, particularly the short stories I attach to photographs in my Being Inspired series, and one of the topis that has been suggested is along the lines of the following.

There is certainly a lot of scope with these.

Home is where the heart is

One’s domestic is the preferred place to all others, the one you are most emotionally attached, i.e. you have the deepest affection for. It may not necessarily be a physical place though.

I must say I tend to agree with this because every time I go absent, I’m always looking forward to coming home.

Even when I’ve had to stay away for a few months, it’s not possible to call that home, it’s just another place to stay.

On the other hand…

It’s the name of a song by Elvis Presley.

And it has been the title of several films.

The Hallmark channel presses this point home time and time again.

Pliny the Elder is credited with coming up with the saying.

Domestic is what you make it

This is a similar saying, but, to me, it means something totally different

Though many will say this means that it’s where family and friends can come to, a place where memories can be made, I don’t believe it’s the same as the first saying.

What you make of it depends on your circumstances, you can hate it because it might be because you’re stuck with one parent with maybe a step-parent. Or you might love it because you’ve escaped a poor situation.

But it’s not necessarily where your heart is.

Wherever I hang my hat I call domestic

Barbra Streisand made this song renowned, and probably means that no matter where you are, it is domestic to you. It would be more fitting for someone who doesn’t necessarily see their true domestic very often, ie you work in the diplomatic service or in the military and you move around a lot.

Home absent from domestic

This is a place that is as good as your real home.

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