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Charles Savelle Center Point Bible Institute 2 Historical Setting:2 Nahum prophesied during the height of Assyrian Empire. It is worth noting that the repentance of the Ninevites in conjunction with Jonah’s ministry in Nineveh nearly 100 years Charles Savelle Center Point Bible Institute 3 Historical Setting: Whether we are right in dating Joel to the 830’s B.C. then the prophet ministered during the time of Joash, the son of Ahaziah. Joash became the eighth king of Judah at the age of seven (2 Kgs 11:21). Charles Savelle Center Point Bible Institute 4 Literary Issues: The Book of Haggai probably contains poetic oracles framed by narratival sections (1:1, 3, 12, 15; 2:1, 10, 20). Although it must be acknowledged that this conclusion is highly debated. Charles Savelle Center Point Bible Institute 4 Six Disputations Two Appendices 1. A dispute approximately God’s love (1:2–5) 2. A dispute approximately God’s honor (1:6–2:9) 3.

A dispute about faithlessness (2:10–16) Admonition to remember the law of Moses (4:4) 4. This contemporary approach left no room for divine intervention in human history. This made it necessary for scholars to redefine the nature of the book of Jonah. But the historicity of the book is stated in its introduction (chap. 1:1), and was endorsed by Jesus Himself (Matt. 12:; Luke 11:). The Center Point Bible Institute welcomes you to join us September 9 through November 11 for an intensive ten week study in the Book of Revelation. Since 2003, the Center Point Bible Institute has been dedicated to offering seminary level Bible teaching, tuition , to those who want to grow in their knowledge of the Bible. Charles Savelle Center Point Bible Institute 1 THE BOOK OF AMOS Message: God’s relationship with His people includes judging them in righteousness when they sin and restoring them in grace. At the heart of this message is the covenant between Yahweh and his people.

Charles Savelle Synonym of Life Bible Institute 3 VI. Moment and Purpose The Book of Jeremiah is set in pre-exilic Judah. It begins during the thirteenth year of the reign of the reformist king Josiah (627 B.C.) and extends to the release of Jehoiachin

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