I’m often to wonder provided it’s writer’s block or that I have written down an uncomfortable truth.

I’m not an outliner, well I try to outline. (I only outline whether I’m near the end, nearly like a recap.) Meg Cabot was an idol of mine growing up. (I vividly remember the year 2008, Whether my memory isn’t playing tricks on me, it was a week before a musical I was in, I had just lost my phone, I was notorious for this. My Nana had taken me to replaced it and next to the Verizon store was a Border’s, I know I’m old. While her and my dad were working the details out, I had walked in and saw Airhead on display. Now I had loved almost everything Meg Cabot had written, I was not in the Princess Diaries or 1-800 series. Which was surprising because I had consumed most of my time at the library reserving her work and binging it. Whether you are familiar with her work, She was not really a sci-fi writer or dystopian writer in my opinion. At last my Nana came in and handed me the phone while I held the book, thinking it wasn’t supposed to be out for a few days. My Nana had purchased me the book. We left the mall around seven pm, and by 10:30 I was finished with that book. My dad looked at wonky eye and went “Kid, you’re done with that already?”. I want to be that type of author where my words consume you for hours on end)

So it should be no surprise I liked Meg Cabot’s method of knowing the beginning, the middle and the ending. But not knowing all the little details in between.

I do occasionally find my old stories from throughout ten years ago. There are these deep outlines or synopses. They sit in the just in case I ever go back pile. Screenplays that never panned out. Poems I have never shared because they can be misinterpret for the worse. Plays that never get produced, possibly one day.

When I normally have writer’s block it’s because of two things, I’m legit stuck and don’t want to outline. Or as I said formerly, I have written an uncomfortable truth. I can not say which is worse. I guess follow along till I figure it out.

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