What is crypto?

What does crypto do?

Is crypto worth it?

Can I get into Crypto?

Is it to late?

Let’s start on what crypto is, crypto is ment not to be regulated the same way our money is, to be able to make a purchase that doesn’t necessarily link your name to a purchase the same way your bank account works.

Some crypto are more “VPNs” such as Monero which give a privacy that most crypto do not.

Bitcoin is not this way though as you can link any transaction to a wallet, but that being said gives it a certain transparency as it is open source and everyone can see it in real time. Unlike banks, transparency is really good Synonym to connect with crypto. Whether someone sells multi million sales in the blockchain everyone will know. Unless that specific blockchain isn’t like BTC.

So what does crypto do for us? Hell that makes it easy to put, Crypto is here to make currency not be completely regulated, which in turn helps you. It is honestly heavily regulated in some countries and some have adopted it into there society.

Is crypto worth the hype? Well hell yeah it is…giving the rise of Shiba Inu a meme coin. If you dropped 500 dollars in its opening you would be laughing for the rest of your life. There has been a few coins amount the ruff that has flourished so it is easy to say no it is never to late.

Can you get into Crypto now? The transparent answer is yes, just don’t blow your cash trying unless you do tough research into what you would invest. Even then you can still get it for free which lucky for you my blog covers.

It’s never to late, just don’t be a dummies haha. Check out my blog, you will thank me

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