What is knowledge but to be shared with the interwebs? I have been a writer of Fan fictions and original works for more than 15 years at this point, starting at a young age and transitioning to mostly Fanfics for my own fun in my teenage years. 

I wish I had someone telling me a bit of the rules, or a guide how to make my work even better and how to enhance them, but for that I got this series for you!

Over the course of May and June on every Thursday I am going to upload a post for each section weekly.

This is a longer “enhanced” version of my guide I’ve published on Wattpad and on this blog in German, and since it has been quite a few years until that things have changed a bit. For example, we don’t call our Smut Lemon or Lime anymore exclusively, but it’s just Smut, so I had to write something new for this section for example. 

First we are going to tackle the different types of Stories you can write, and then Genres, including some tips to make it better readable. Apart from letting a program check for typing mistakes, that is. 

If your native language is not English, I suggest you try this! This is not an advertisement or anything, but a little helper that corrects your grammar. It’s always nice to check over your stuff if you don’t have a beta reader for any mistakes at least. 

Maybe you don’t know where to start yet?

What is going to await you in the far and wide worlds of Fan fictions or even your own original story? Here are a few tips that might help you to tackle this a bit easier. 

Some of these are my own I got by simply being a veteran writer simply, and some are more widespread tips I have gathered from the internet for this one. 

This doesn’t mean you are forced to use these, just use it as a guide. 

Even if we are going to just write Fan fiction and not something original, you can use and transform these tips for both.

Everyone has their own writing style and these are more guidelines than rules to make this process a bit easier. So if you have a Beta Reader: use it! There are forums and people who surely want to volunteer to read your things, but if you don’t have someone (like me) then the above link is going to help with the grammar, and before you publish it: read over your things again. Fix weird sentence phrasings, plug some holes, and prime it for publishing. Even talking about your ideas with someone else is going to help you find more ideas, and the input of someone else really helps to find your groove or add more things to the story.

And if you are absolutely sure you are too terrible at writing, I will tell you that simply putting your idea out there is a great help for other writers. Don´t let the voice in your head discourage you to not even try.

In a few sentences, I will explain what I mean and show you examples, and illustrate my tips a bit in detail. 

Down below are the links to each blog post, so you can hop directly to what you need!

1. The character Creation

Everything you might want to know about the creation of your own character, but also some useful tips for how to use already established characters. Read here

2. The Story Structure and the planning itself

We are going into depth how to write your plot, add a bit of spice, make it interesting, the set up of a story and the such. Read here on Thursday, the 12.5.2022!

3. Genre Talk: Short Story and Drabbles

Since there are many interesting Genres and ways to write, we first go into the Short Story and Drabbles. Read here on Thursday, the 19.05.2022!

4.Genre Talk: Fantasy Novels

Fantasy is such a huge topic so it gets it´s own post. You want to learn about the different Fantasy settings and Genres to pick from? Here you go, read it here on Thursday the 26.5.2022!

5. Genre Talk: What once was Lemon and Lime, and now is Smut

As the title implies, the long awaited talk about the iffy topic on “how to write Smut” or rather a genereal overview and a selection of tips is what you are going to find here. Strap in, this is a long post^^ Read here on Thursday, the 2.6.2022.

6. Ways of Writing: One-Shot, Selfinsert, and Crossover

They are not Genres in it self anymore, so we dedicate to the popular Fanfiction writings One-Shot, Self Inserts and Crossover it´s own post. Read here on Thursday, the 9.6.2022

7. Reader Insert

What, Self insert and Reader Insert are two different things? Yes they are! You want to find out about the differences, how to write your own and take some useful tips on the way with you? Read here on Thursday, the 16.6.2022

8. DarkFic, Dead Dove, Don’t read if you don’t like and other enigmatic stories and tags

Another long title, so much promise? I added this one because I had so much fun actually reasearching these and I like to educate on the not so often discussed themes. Read about them here, on Thursday the 23.6.2022

9.The Afterword, Sources and more tips

After everything is done I still have some misc. words to add and they didn´t fit in anywhere, so here they go. I added some Sources, general tips and a bit of a personal touch to the afterword. Read the last one here on Thursday, the 30.6.2022

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