Rush is a Fae Guardian, a wolf-shifter whose enhanced abilities have made him a ruthless protector of Elphyne. His job is to protect the realm from the human enemy but one night of weakness and his punishment is a curse worse than death. Now a ghost, all he wants is to be apart of the living. Clarke is beautiful, feisty and the only one who can see Rush. If he hands Clarke throughout to the Order, she’s his ticket to have his curse removed but the more he learns about this human, the more he realises that perhaps she’s not the monster he’s been trained to believe.

I really liked this book. The author did a good job of the world building. The characters were enjoyable. I liked that they are both flawed but together they make a fantastic partnership even provided there’s not much chemistry between them. The magic and science is well written. It was fast paced with a lot of plot and action crammed into the pages. I will definitely continue on with the series.

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