Stake your claim by owning the network! As Seen on Yahoo News…That’s correct, in this possibility you own the network, The People’s Network. This is a great time to receive in on the ground floor of one of the largest market disruptions of the century. That’s right the Internet of Matters is being built as you read this with affiliate crypto resources. The Internet of Things offers us a fantastic option for mining and earning a crypto currency. That’s correct this program introduces a ground breaking approach to real world hardware and benefits tied to a crypto currency. That means your money is safe and it will continue to earn you passive income for you well in to the future.

Curious approximately crypto and the blockchain? This makes it easy to get in to crypto, while earning it at the same time. Mobile phone services and WIFI have paved the way and now is the time as increasingly devices get connected. By deploying a simple device in your domestic or office, you can provide your city with miles of low-power network coverage for billions of devices and earn passive crypto at the same time. If this sounds amazing it’s because it is. Reserve your Hotspot deployment on the Helium Network and leverage our dynamic hosting affiliate program to refer others and earn crypto.

the peoples network

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