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In the original post “Earn Cash for Watching Videos,” I shared my favorite apps where I could earn money simply by playing videos while I completed other tasks. Sadly, many of us were shocked and dismayed when the Prodege company who owns MyPoints, Swagbucks, InboxDollars, Upromise, and many other rewards sites announced they were canceling “Watch.” For me, someone who works close to 50 – 60 hours a week most of the year, I need passive income. I don’t have time to take surveys, click on ads, and play games for several hours a day. Thus, losing watch means losing a good chunk of my rewards earning. Notwithstanding, I will not give up. I’ve been using these types of sites since 2004, so I will find ways to maximize using other sites that have passive types of earning, and change my routine so that I might be able to make up some of my Watch earnings through quick and easy active routines (new post on that coming soon). Anyhow, read below for the apps where you can still earn a little additional cash by watching videos.


I discovered HideoutTV during the pandemic when my other apps were running low on ads. You can redeem points through HideoutTV or a partner like Instagc or LootUp. I play these videos while I’m working or doing other things, so the earning is completely passive. 

Warning: HideoutTV banned my husband’s account for no apparent reason. After multiple emails, they did reinstate his account, but we are both proceeding with caution.

I’m going to continue to use HideoutTV with caution and cash out often. I’m warning you to do the same. I promise to only share vetted and honest rewards sites, so I’m letting you know that while HideoutTV isn’t a scam, they are very unreliable. I may decide to remove them from my blog, but for now I’m going to try to keep them for supplemental income.

Update: My husband and I are still successfully using HideoutTV, but we never play our accounts at the same time, and we only play videos for 2 – 3 hours a day maximum. We also plan to begin splitting up the earnings across multiple platforms so that no single app earns too many rewards in one day.

To earn using HideoutTV, click here.

To earn using Instagc, click here.

To earn using LootUp, click here.


Dabbl has multiple ways to earn. Dabbl is a little more active than the above apps. I normally play ads while I’m eating breakfast or watching TV. I also occasionally earn by taking surveys.

To earn using Dabbl, click here.


ShopKick has multiple ways to earn. I play ads while I’m making breakfast every morning. You can also earn with click-through shopping, scanning bar codes in grocery stores, or scanning receipts for promoted items.

To earn using ShopKick, click here.


Current is mostly a music streaming app. Whether you listen to music while you work or clean house, why not get paid to listen? You can also earn through other activities such as playing ads or taking surveys. I propose installing this app on an old device, separate from your main phone, as it can be a little glitchy.

To earn using Current, click here.

Thanks for making it all the way to the end of this post. Doc has a real job, as a professor, so she won’t always be able to update her blog. To keep up with Doc and her financial tips, follow her on Facebook or Instagram. You can also find all of Doc’s favorite rewards apps and sites here (always a work in progress).

Doc also started a Telegram channel because Facebook won’t share her posts for free. For the best tips and deals join her channel.

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