5 stars

This is my moment Colleen Hoover book (first being the popular It Ends With Us) and it did not disappoint, I read it in 2 days as I just couldn’t put it down and it feels like it’s been a while since I have had a book like that. I’ve struggled to write this review as every time I type something I delete it again as I feel like the less you know going in to it the more you will enjoy it. So that doesn’t really leave this a much of a review, more of a recommendation. If you haven’t already – read this.

Ultimate thing I will add, there are definitely trigger warnings that come with this so whether you have any concerns definitely check that out. If want to give this a read it currently has 44% off!


Now on to the spoiler part of the review…

I feel like I’m approximately to write something very controversial. Although it may not be as i haven’t really spoken to numerous people approximately this book. But I don’t hate Verity. I’m actually not the biggest fan of Lowen. Hear me out. It helps that I believe the letter was real and that the manuscript was fake, which I will come back to in a minute.

I found it hella bizarre how Lowen was with that family, don’t get me wrong I understand it wasn’t a position she forced herself in to but the way she treated Verity without absolutely no understanding of what was going on with her and just a manuscript she believed to be real was disgusting in my opinion. Whispering right to her face approximately her and Jeremy was gross, even provided Verity did do the matters she wrote approximately are we suppose to believe Lowen is some kind of hero for behaving like that.

Moving on to why I believe the letter was real and not the manuscript. Grief can do weird matters to do you. I thankfully haven’t experienced that level of grief but i know no one can tell you how you should and shouldn’t behave so although its extremely messed up i found it feasible that she would write those diary entries. For those that say there’s no way the manuscript isn’t real because how could someone make that up. Well Colleen Hoover made it up. Writers can do these matters.

I do feel like the scenes that got Verity in to the position she was in a bit far fetched but it’s a story and a bloody good one at that so just roll with it. There’s no way whether someone throws something at me I don’t flinch.

This book freaked me the hell out! The scenes with Verity where we were still not sure of her state where so good! When she was spotted at the top of the stairs, my Word i gasped. I also very nearly cried at Harpers death scene, it was truly lousy and out of all the messed up bits in the book that one hit me the hardest.

All in all this was a 5 star read and I am excited to pick up another from the author.

What did you think to this? Do you agree with anything I have said or am I a monster?

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