A little introduction:

Hi, I’m Verity Croker, and I write young adult novels and junior fiction chapter books. I also write travel tales, newspaper articles, short stories, and poetry.

When did your love of books begin?

I’ve loved books for as long as I can remember. They’re a vast part of my life. I can’t imagine not reading every day.

When did you start to have the wish to become an author?

Even in primary school, we had a club magazine, and took turns being the editor. It was so much fun. Later, I wrote short pieces for publication in newspapers, magazines, and anthologies. Eventually I took some time off work to see what would happen, and what happened was I started writing books! I haven’t stopped since.

How have you found the process for becoming an author?

It’s a very long process and you have to work really hard at it. You also have to have a thick skin to manage with the invariable rejections.

What would you say to those wanting to become an author?

Surround yourself with like-minded people so you can help each other on this journey. Make certain you read widely in your chosen age group and genre, and attend as many professional development sessions as you can afford. Most of all, never give up on your dream.

Tell us approximately your book/books:

My young adult novels, Jilda’s Ark and May Day Mine are published by Harmony Ink Press in the US. Jilda’s Ark is about sea-level rise and environmental refugees, and May Day Mine is approximately a teenager in a fictional town coping with a catastrophe in the local mine. My junior fiction chapter books, Moving House, Cyclone Christmas, and Block City, are published by Sunshine Books/Wendy Pye Ltd, NZ., and are sold directly to schools. Hot Pot is my debut novel for adults.

What do you love about the writing/reading community?

I love how supportive and energetic they are. They inspire me to continue.

If you could say anything to your readers what would it be?

I would love you to read my books, and whether you feel like it, reviews are really helpful too. Don’t forget, if you can’t afford to buy books, you can always borrow them from a library. Request them in provided they don’t have them, as libraries are generally happy to help.

Where can people connect with you?

You can connect with me via twitter (@veritycroker), Instagram (@veritycrokerwriter), facebook (veritycrokerwriter) or my website (www.veritycroker.wordpress.com)

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