This book is very polarizing.

I also really recommend that people avoid the Netflix animated series and the old standalone movie for this book, it is a wonderful book to go into mostly blind.

I also say the preface/intro by the author is required reading for the context a person needs to make the most of this book.

The easiest way to describe this book is “Lord of the Rings books but with rabbits”. To elaborate just a bit, this book is about rabbits and their point of view of the world. It is like LOTR as in the protagonists go through and epic journey and there is rich lore to their world and how they perceive the world at large.

Yes rich rabbit lore. With many myths and legends about their world.

Yes I recommend this book.

I’m serious

This book got me engrossed about a new world and stories while making me think critically. That sense of being engrossed is why I recommend this story.

If you are familiar with the series or movie, I still recommend at least the forward.

(note: I did not care that much about the series, good voice actors and that’s about the only thing that was beyond competent; I have only seen clips of the movie which may scare off readers, YES THOOSE CLIPS)

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