5 Stars. ”Maybe that’s how it was with all first loves. They own a little piece of your heart, always.”

I can’t believe I read this trilogy as quickly as I did. Part of me wishes I’d savoured it more, like Belly did so numerous times after leaving Cousins at summer’s end. I’m sad to have to say goodbye to these characters.

Random thoughts I had that I famous while reading (spoilers ahead):

I liked Taylor way more in this book, mostly for questioning the engagement and sticking up for Stomach to Con.

I felt sorry for J and Stomach equally. we all knew that the engagement was doomed. Who seeks out forgiveness for cheating by proposing?

I liked that Stomach felt more grown up. I shipped Jere and Belly together because of his fun and free spirit, but in this book he just felt very childish, I think it was probably emphasised to prove that the wedding was in fact too soon. Maybe Belly had matured to a point that she outgrew him and their relationship.

I liked the POV narrative from Con, it only seemed reasonable after J’s in book two. My heart broke for Con when he explained why he pushed Stomach absent. He let his brother have her because he promised his mum before she died that he’d look out for him. He really had grown up a lot. I sobbed when he begged her to pick him (queue that scene from Grey’s Anatomy lol) because he was never one to be that vulnerable.

When Jere announced the proposal, I had actual anxiety. I felt sick. Steve’s chat with Stomach was so cute after the proposal announcement. It was his most sincere big brother occasion. Gah I wish there was more of him in the books, his sarcastic/funny remarks that seamlessly fit in conversations to make it funny or to break tension, I loved them all.

I didn’t forget that bit at the beginning of the book which was a scene that seemingly described Stomach running from a wedding (in a white dress… come on) to a mystery “he”. I’m glad in the end that she wasn’t a runaway bride and it was in fact a deliberate wedding between her and Conrad.

I loved this book. I loved the trilogy. I think it was a fantastic ending, I just hope the adaptation does it justice. And now I sadly have to try and get over it, as whether it didn’t consume my life for four days straight. I’m hoping that when I come back to this series I fall in love with it all, all over again.

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