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If you were made into a book, what would your cover look like?

What design choices would you make that fit your personality? Genres! Fonts! Design trends!

(Example: Like would Elyse be a gothic romance cover with a spooky house and dark haunting woods or would she be a cozy contemporary with a basket of yarn on the cover? Or both!)

Carrie: Mine would be a sleeping sloth with a dream bubble and the bubble would be all filled in with animals and landscapes and people and slogans and plants and fungi and hot air balloons and tea and cocoa and food and of course books in the late 60’s psychedelic art style, and the title would be “A Million Dreams”

Sarah: Upon discussion with Amanda, wherein I asked, “Is there a cover image for cranky misanthrope?” her reply was:

“Yes. A dragon.”

So I’d be a dragon book cover with a large, illustrated dragon who gives absolutely negative fucks, probably reclined on a pile of books with wine and snacks, and blankets, and absolutely nothing on the to-do list, or the calendar.

Lots of wine, too. Lots and lots of books and wine.

Catherine: The cover would be extremely colourful and probably have a few too many elements on it. (I can never have too many colours, or too many tropes)

If it’s a book that reflects me, it would probably be one of those cosy covers with plenty of baked goods on it. Maybe a really fabulous cake. And a cat poised to walk across the icing. And an impossibly large stack of books on the verge of collapse. (Apparently my personality is colourful and sweet, with an air of impending disaster.)

Amanda: This one is so tough because I feel like I have two distinct moods. Cozy or annoyed. Maybe I’m a duology!

Cover one is a cozy bed, like a small town romance cover that’s like the inside of a quaint in. But it’s just a big bed with lots of blankets and a fresh, hot bowl of soup on the nightstand. Maybe some night cheese.

Cover two would definitely borrow from the current trend in fantasy romance, with dark florals and sharp weapons. It’s gonna get sexy, weird, and there will be a murder eventually.

How these two fit together in a plot? I have no idea!

Sneezy: Aaaah!!! I like so many things!!!!

Okay, so I’m a smut monster, overthinker, and a chaos demon. (That’s chaotic good to you, thank you very much.) So my book cover is the interior of a magic library that clearly has influences from several cultures across a plethora of parallel universes. It might have had a shot at internal consistency – if only there weren’t so many time space continuums jammed together. Cats, dogs, horses, orcas, and some sea turtles would be romping about, nipping from one dimension to another. The library looks like fragments of several libraries from different times of day stuck together.

In the middle of all this sprawls an enormous cat, about the size of a small bus, with luxurious long fur, who just sneezed a bit of fire. Two women are lounging on the cat in beautiful embroidered brocade silk robes that are partially undone. Scrolls and books and food are suspended in the air, and strewn on top of them and the cat. The woman with stars in her afro shows the fox spirit lady something in a book while the fox spirit lady feeds her an osmanthus cake. A void dog is trying to play with the fox spirit lady’s tail. There’s two braziers in front of them, a pot of tea on the smaller one, and a pot of soup on the slightly larger one. Several cats are sitting around the smaller brazier like it’s a summoning circle, staring at the tea pot. A floating tea set is pouring rose and jasmine tea for the women, and some rose buds and jasmine flowers sparkle in the light as they tuck themselves back into their respective jars.

Tl;dr – women having a great time eating and reading with their animals all around them in the middle of a chaos magic library. Somehow they can eat and drink and heat food all they want, while lounging on their fire breathing cat and nothing burns down or gets oil stains because magic. No need to worry about ants or animals shredding the books or eating what they’re not supposed to, also because magic.

So tell us, if you were fashioned into a book, what kind of cover would you have?

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