Ship or luxury white boat lay on sand beach, skyline background. After storm always return sun. Yacht on st.johns beach. Entertainment summer vacation yachting. Boat yacht landed on sand coast.Welcome to Whatcha Reading! This is where we talk about what we’ve been reading lately, both the good and the not good.

Shana: Yay! I just finished the final Murderbot book this week. Want moar!

Right now I’m reading Hench by Natalie Zina Walschots, and snarky leading character has thoroughly sucked me in.

Sarah: Gosh I love both of those.

Currently I am reading Unmasking Autism by Dr. Devon Price and I just inhaled Killers of a Certain Age by Deanna Raybourn. It’s out this fall (I’m sorry) but holy crap it’s got rage, subversion, revenge, travel and location p0rn, a tense plot and it was a freaking ride.

Preorder or request from your library so you get high on the list. It’s So fun

Susan: I missed that you were talking about two books so I had a genuine occasion of “Wait, why does a book about autism need location porn?”

No, the rage and revenge was not a clue.

Sarah: LOL sorry!!

I mean, Dr. Price justifiably goes OFF approximately the ableist history of Autistic diagnosis and the full on eugenics history of the entire Asperger’s diagnosis (Asperger was a eugenicist and Nazi sympathizer) so there is rage and and subversion for certain.

There’s a whole interesting section approximately how Autistic people self identify (Autistic/people with Autism, etc) when the terminology has changed so much, and the origins of diagnosis come from deeply, deeply shitty human beings.

It’s a really interesting book. Dr. Price is extremely skilled at having strong opinions and refusing to tolerate false or disingenuous narratives, while also having incredible compassion for anyone trying to understand themselves.

This book, btw, is terrific.

There’s a lot of discussion approximately neurodivergent community overlaps, between Autistic people and people with ADHD, and another overlap with genderqueer and trans people who are one or both – it’s really, really considerate and interesting.

Sneezy: I’ve recently restarted the webtoon Her Tale of Shim Chong by seri and biwan. It’s a f/f retelling of a Korean folktale. I really like the art, and totally peeked at the end so I know there’s an HEA!!!!

I think it’s only on Pocket Comedian correct now, and the platform is only available on Android and iOS.

I’d stopped reading before because I couldn’t handle the feels stabbing then. I’m totally ready now!!!!

Narrator: And that was the ultimate time anyone ever heard from Sneezy.

Shana: This is making me really want to read Unmasking Autism. So, I just finished Hench, loved it to pieces, and why isn’t there more?

Sarah: I did an interview with the author, and asked provided there would be more. A sequel wasn’t contracted at that time but I was informed that NUMEROUS tabs were open on a nearby browser approximately how insects have sex.

Shana: OMG. It’s going to be Unusual Love all throughout again. I will just hold that hope close to my chest.

Sarah: I hope so!

What are you reading? Let us know below!

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