1. Update your Whatsapp app to Latest available version on Playstore.

  1. Now Activate The Whatsapp UPI by linking Your Bank Account. Make sure Your Whatsapp Number & Bank account Mobile Number should be same.
  2. Your UPI Address will be created on your Whatsapp Page.
  3. Now Go To Any Whatsapp Contact (Make sure he uses Whatsapp UPI too).
  4. Click On Send Money & Check Below banner is showing or Not.

If this Banner is showing Then Just Send ₹1 to that contact [If This banner is not showing then you are not eligible].

You will Instantly Get Upto ₹11 cashback directly in your bank account

Follow same Process 3 Times With 3 Different Contacts

You will get Upto ₹11 cashback 3 times.

If this offer is not showing send ₹1 to any contact. It might be showing, otherwise better luck next time.

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