Where can i earn my cosmetology license in california

The California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology (Board) protects consumers by licensing and regulating the state’s barbering and beauty industry. The Board was established in 1992 (after the Board of Barber Examiners and Board of Cosmetology merged) and today licenses throughout 50,000 establishments and over 560,000 individuals. Create an account in BreEZe (question 5) and associate your license or application record (question 6). Go to the Manage Your License Information and pick the appropriate drop down. 21. I have tried everything and cannot associate my license with BreEZe. Email breezedca.ca the following information and they can associate your license for you: Step 4. Exploring your Career Options as a Cosmetologist in California. You must renew your cosmetology license in California biennially in odd-numbered years. The cost of renewal is $50. You can renew your cosmetology license through the Branch of Consumer Affairs BreEZe online system.

View the California cosmetology license requirements. Find detail directions on how to apply for an initial license, renew an existing one or find out how to transfer an out of state license through the reciprocity process in the state of California. View the step by step process for starting up a salon, school or shop along with updating your name and address on both your personal and You can only appear on the California cosmetology license lookup after you are licensed. Before you can take the State Board examination, you must have completed 1,600 hours. Apprentice hours are not accepted. To put this in perspective, whether you complete 40 hours a week, 1,600 hours would take 40 weeks, which is approximately nine to 10 months. 4. Pass Your California Cosmetology License Exam. Try to show up early to your exam. Provided you show up late, you won’t be let in! There are two portions of the exam, a written and a practical.

You’ll need to pass both portions in order to obtain your cosmetology license in California. You’ll get the results of your exam immediately. State of California. High Contrast. Reset

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