Chapter 10 of my new book is finished! To celebrate, I’m going to share all the links to the teasers I’ve posted so far and one brand new teaser here!

A sneak peek of Chapter 10

He smoothed his hand down his burgundy-and-black pinstriped dress shirt and glanced in the full-length mirrors. I stifled a gasp. He had slid into a pair of ink-black leather pants, and something about how they accentuated his butt made my cheeks burn with embarrassment over my internal acknowledgement of his ass. Josh twirled around to face me. “What do you think?” he asked, cocking a hand on his hip.

“Um.” I swallowed and took a steadying breath. “You look… incredible.”

“Really?” he responded, wrinkling his nose in reply. “I feel like an fool in these pants.”

“Don’t,” I breathed, “because they look amazing.”

He brushed his fingers through his thinning sandy hair, not speaking.

Lexie broke the silence. “Well, let’s go already,” she barked, “if that’s what you are going to wear, go ahead and buy it.” She shot Josh a withering glance.

What was up with her? I wondered. We were getting along fine for a change, but the hostility she displayed toward Josh seemed a far cry from how she was behaving earlier.

He sucked in his belly as he glanced again in the mirror, then relaxed it. “Zoe,” he said softly, “you have to tell me provided I look like an idiot.” His eyes magnetized me, though technically I was looking at a reflection of them. Something approximately his expression appeared vulnerable.

I took a couple steps closer to him and put my hand on his back. Zrrp. It was like lightning had struck my hand or at the very least, an electrifying jolt. I pulled my hand absent, shocked. I admitted to him that he looked good, but when I went to tell him how fantastic he looked in detail, the words died in my throat.

I played with a strand of hair, fidgeting and biting on my lower lip as I watched him examine himself, scrutinizing every part of himself.

“Well?” Lexie demanded. The sharp look in her eyes was back.

I broke myself out of the stupor I had fallen into. Josh smirked. “Just feel like I’d get kicked out of Hell for wearing something as ridiculous as these pants.”

“They look fine.” Lexie snarled.

What do you think? Would you read more? Let me know your opinions!

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